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Audition for profesional Dancers

Job Opening for Dancers


MuNo-Productions GbR is currently seeking professional and expressive dancers with a strong background in contemporary dance technique as well as classical ballet. Female dancers should have experience and training in pointe work.




is a creative company specializing in dance art, blending Western and Asian dance styles. Founded in 2015 by Norbert Kegel and Mu-Yi Chen, we have undertaken numerous projects in Saxony and beyond. Our mission is to inspire the world with the diversity and beauty of dance and art.


We place special emphasis on the fusion of different dance styles and traditions, collaborating with artists from various countries and cultures. Our offerings include a range of dance classes, workshops, performances, and showcases. Throughout, we prioritize artistic excellence, striving for a modern and innovative approach while honoring traditional elements and roots.


MuNo-Productions is deeply rooted in Saxony, working closely with the local cultural scene. Simultaneously, we have international aspirations and aim to expand our presence on a global scale.


We already have performances and showcases planned for October 2022, as well as May to June 2024, with the possibility of further engagements. Rehearsals and performances will be appropriately compensated.


If you are a passionate dancer who loves the art of dance, we invite you to join our team.

Please apply by emailing , providing details of your experience, skills, and contact information.

After reviewing the applications, suitable candidates will receive a personal invitation for an audition at our studio located

at Meißner Straße 9a, 01445 Radebeul.


We look forward to getting to know you and enriching the world of dance and art together.


MuNo-Productions GbR


Meißner Straße 9a

01445 Radebeul

(Autohaus Kuntzsch-Citroën

DS-Salon Dresden)

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